Monday, 26 April 2010

Little Miss Shy & Mr. Greedy

Hi ya friends,

I have these two absolute cuties that are now available for sale at Bear House, Tunjungan Plaza (Surabaya)


Tell me, aren't they cute or what?


{ new collection } talking necklaces

Hi Sweeties,
Don't let the title of this post alarm you, but then again, these necklaces (yes) ~ they talk
Thanks to the ingenious design of these Japanese gadgets, all these baubles below come with a lever that will enable the pendants to 'talk'

Inspired by Playhouse Disney (under original Disney Lincense of course), Donald and Daisy Ducks, Goofy and Chip n Dale will 'talk' when the lever is pressed down 

and did I tell you that I got them from Japan? ~ thus, my friends they only speak Japanese

Time to brush up my Japanese now ha ha ha

See you all soon




Chip n Dale

They are available now at Bear House, Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya


Sunday, 25 April 2010

Meet the rest of the crew

The crew of Madagascar that is

I once wrote about Marty the Zebra, he came to me when I was holiday-ing with my family in Singapore, at the newly opened Universal Studio to be precise

You didn't think that I would only get him without the rest of the crew, did you? unfortunately, the only available at that time were Gloria (the hippopotamus), Mason (the chimpanzee), and Alex (the lion)

But, hey they are cute, look!




They will be available on Tuesday, 27th April onwards at Bear House, Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya

as per usual, stock is only one piece each and OOAK (One Of A Kind)

See you guys soon


Saturday, 17 April 2010

{ Dress Up } with Lil' Lamb

Hi Sweets,

here are some inspiration for dressing up with Lil' Lamb

and here's me wearing the Lil' Lamb, so you might gauge how roughly it will look worn
(pardon my busy top :))

Note: Lil Lamb and Peachy Baby are of the same size

Have a great weekend


Friday, 16 April 2010

{ Special } Featured Products

Update: Please go to  Shop Baubles n Fun  to make your purchase, thank you

Hi Lovelies,

I just made these 2 Special Baubles

Since I only have these 2 pieces ONLY, I have decided to sell these cuties here at the blog

The dimensions of the pendant (excl. bail) are as follows:
Height: 6.4 cm
Width: 5.3 cm

Length of chain
51 cm with clasps (excl. +/- 7.5 cm extension)

Materials of Chain
Acrylic Pearls beaded with yellow gold plated brass wire

Materials of Pendant
Rose Cameo Casing is made of high quality plastic acrylic (imported from Japan), and Sanrio Hello Kitty, crystals, swarovskis, and assorted polymer clay roses

Rp. 265,000 each

 Shipping is FREE in Indonesia

Kindly drop me an email at if you are interested, and please cite which model that you would like to get
Lil' Lamb or Peachy Baby

Details for payment and shipping will be given via email

(First Come, First Served) sorry strictly NO reservation

Thank you in advance for patronizing my blog and for your kind interests:))

Post Note:
See Peachy Baby as featured at The Story icon for this blog

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