Saturday, 27 March 2010

{Update} Tom Binns x Alice In Wonderland

Hi everyone,

I am now in Singapore, actually I have been here for more than a week just for a short holiday :))

Anyways, I finally went to see the movie, and yes ~ of course, it was Alice in Wonderland (the movie)

To me it was good

I saw it in 3D, so it was really vivid and beautiful

Back to the update now :))

Do you remember this post?, well, today, I found the video at youtube

Here it is :D

Till next time


Thursday, 18 March 2010

New Stockists

Hi Lovelies,

Just a little update about my New Stockists

There will be two new stockists, namely:
BEAR HOUSE at Tunjungan Plaza 3, Level 4 no. 32, Surabaya
MICHELLE'S at Senayan City Lt. 3 No. 130.Jln asia afrika lot 19.Jakarta Selatan 10270  

Here are some of the product shots of the items that the above-mentioned shops will carry
Charmy Kitty Necklace

Cutie Filigree Necklace

Kewpie Cookie Monster Bow Necklace

Glow in the dark
Black Luna Necklace

As usual, stocks are mostly One of A Kind, and very limited
Hurry.. before all is sold


Monday, 15 March 2010

Shop Baubles n Fun will be closed

Hi all,

I will be closing Shop Baubles n Fun by end of week

Current stock at the shop will be available at Keona Couture

Sorry for the inconvenience, and have a blessed day

PS: Please check Stockists column on the right for stock and availability

PPS: Business will still operate as usual, only the shop that will be closed, and... I don't know, I might open the Shop again in the future, I'll keep you all updated, in the meantime, please go to Stockists to view and purchase the Baubles

Thank you


Saturday, 13 March 2010

{Tarina Tarantino} Alice in Wonderland

It comes as no surprise that I am a fan of Tarina Tarantino's line of jewelry, and from various sources around the net I heard that she is now teaming up with Sephora to launch a Beauty Line

There's just no stopping this lady folks; Tarina Tarantino is definitely a force to be reckoned with

While getting my daily dose of blog reading today, I found this at Nitrolicious
Well, no point getting sappy here, since I don't live in the States, but come on
20% OFF
(even though only on selected items)


Is it too much too hope that she would extend the discount to her e shop?

By the way, if you haven't seen her Acid Alice Collection, you should

Here are some of my favourites ~ and some of them have been sold out too :(
Which one is your favourite?


Friday, 12 March 2010

{Tom Binns} Alice in Wonderland

Have you seen the movie yet?
I, myself, haven't
But ~ would so love to catch it soon :)

Here are some of my favourite snapshots
This brings to mind the latest collaboration between Tom Binns and Disney Couture

I have always loved bold, over-the-top and elaborate creations of his

They are really phenomenal

First lady of the USA, Michelle Obama and Madonna are fans

In this collab, apparently Tom Binns created two versions of  Alice in Wonderland Collection

The first is the dark, pile-o-chunk, elaborate (mostly) necklaces, and the other is the more delicate, wearable and more mainstream, I say

Here are the pictures, you be the judge
They are now available here and here

Till then


Thursday, 11 March 2010

{Featured Baubles of The Day} Hello Kitty Birthstone Series

Do you know what your Birthstone is?

From this link I found that "Birthstones" was originated thousand of years back in the time when Moses (of the Bible) lived

I quote from this article
Numerous cultures have traditionally associated gems with birth dates, and many people have, and still do, consider it good luck to display their birthstone
So, for good luck please wear your birthstone; and for added benefit of not just Luck but also Kitty's Sass & Charm, get yourself a Baubles n Fun's Hello Kitty Birthstone necklace only at
Keona Couture

Hurry, they are very limited :))

PS: Don't know what your Birthstone is, go here for the complete list :)

PPS: The necklace is also a great gift idea

Until then

{Cutie} meomi

Remember when I told you that I was inspired by colours, well, right after making that post, I went to one of my favourite internet haunts and found these beautiful and oh so cute images

These images were birthed by artists Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy whose design studio is called meomi

From the article

Meomi is comprised of two artists, Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy. Together they have created art for an illustrious list of clientele, including Google, Electronic Arts and Nick Jr. Vicki and Michael also act as authors and artists behind the Octonauts series of children's books. Meomi's 2008 wallpaper story takes place in Kachi Kingdom, where you follow the adventures of Johnny Cloudseed, following in his grandfather's footsteps as a seeder and planting seeds that assist the Kachi spirits to grow their "Magical Moments" plants.

Upon visiting their site , I found that this design duo has recently created an animated version of their famous (above mentioned) book series, The Octonauts, and according to their face book info, I gathered that the TV series will launch in 2010 (didn't say the exact date though) and has been pre-bought by CBeebies (BBC), in the UK, TF1 in France and ABC Australia

I did check youtube but my search result was nill :(
Perhaps it hasn't been aired yet

I, for sure, would be tuning in if it were finally aired, and who cares if their target audiences were pre-schoolers :))

Who needs to grow up anyway? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

PS: I think I will hunt for the books first now

So..., off to Amazon :))

See you soon...


Be Inspired

(Source for Images: Google)

Colours and Nature inspire me BEST

What inspires you?


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Good Enough To Eat

(Images: Google)

Bon Appetit!

{Hello Kitty} Nails

Just had to share...

I just found this image at Google

How AMAZING are her nails

Meanwhile, more Hello Kitty goodness here



Tuesday, 9 March 2010

{New Stock} ~Whimsical Collection~

Hey guys, remember my post about my
Sneak Peek
Well, Sneak Peek no more, now my Whimsical Collection is ready

This Whimsical Collection is a hodge podge of (some battery operated) gadget necklaces

Take for example this Hello Kitty X Rody necklace, I got this in Japan, and it is a limited edition, I only have this 1 piece to spare, as the other one has been hoarded by my Princess :))

Here's the picture of the afore~mentioned
This cute little creation is hooked with a clasp that will make Kitty and Horsie detachable

and ~ if you turn the horse that Kitty rides on belly up, you can see a small lever where you can turn it ON

After it's turned on, the horse will vibrate and he will just move about and bring Kitty for a cruise :), so cute, right? or if we use the Japanese slang, it would be Kawaiiiiii, he he he

The other necklaces are just as whimsical, oohhh..., I just can't resist showing off :))

OK, so, now off to show off no 2 (and hopefully the final for this post ((fingers crossed)) :))
This cutie paw will sound MEOW if you press the small buttons, and when you press the big button, the MEOW sound will be sounded for like about 3 to 5 times

I really love this :), ~and as per usual I caved in (again) to my Princess's wishes (read: demands) and gave her one of the paws

Like me, my Princess also love playing pranks on people (I know, I know, it runs in the family :)), so, one day, she wore this necklace to her Maths Tuition; in the class room, she sneakily pressed the button, and you know what happened? ~ the class was in an uproar, her friends and teacher thought that there was a real cat in the class
It really sounds so real

Anyhoo...., being a generous soul that I am (cough ~ cough), I have decided to put two of these cutie paws for sale

OK, enough yabbering
So, in short (yeah right :D), the items that you see below,
they will be availabe at San~San for sale from the 10th March onwards

Please go check their web site, and if your intended purchase is not listed there, please drop me an email at and I'll get it sorted out for you :))

Thanks for bearing with me, truly appreciate it :)


{Dress Up} with Locket Nostalgia

Hi Lovelies,
I Love Fashion, I love mixing and matching
Fashion is so FUN
With Fashion, there is no limit to your imagination, the sky is the limit
Here, with the help of Polyvore, I created 3 Spring ~ Summer Looks to co~ordinate with my Locket Nostalgia Collection, hope you like 'em :))

See you all soon

Monday, 8 March 2010

{New Collection} Locket Nostalgia

Hi Sweets,
I've got a confession to make, I love Romance (there I said it)
Romance Stories and Movies are my all time weaknesses :)
My most favourite Romance novel and movie is without a doubt Gone With The Wind 
I have read the book countless of times and seen the movie (in DVD)  for the zillionth time too (of course, I'm exaggerating here :))
I love how the ladies, especially Scarlett (the main character) were dressed in the by-gone era, they really paid meticulous attention to their dressing and toilette

Look at how dreamy Scarlett looks in her Picnic Gown

But, in order to achieve that ethereal look, this is what Scarlett had to endure underneath her fripperies

She had to be laced, coddled, prodded and restricted by the miniscule whale bone (yes, ladies, you read it correctly, whale bone) corset in order to get a waist that is no bigger than a gentleman's hand span (so silly, right?)

Sure, I love the gowns, I love the look, but if I had to recreate the whole notion, I'd say NO to the torture please...

So, what's the alternative?
Relax my sweets, I've just got the answer for you right under my sleeve, err, should I say on top of my working table?
Either way, here's a fabulous and painless approach to re-live the 'Olde Southern Glamour' that Scarlett exudes ~ Ladies and Gals, may I present to you
Locket Nostalgia

Instant Southern Glamour around Your Neck :))

Note on Material(s)
Especially selected for this collection, the brass locket is done without any finishing (raw brass finish), which means that the locket has an aged look about it, so any 'imperfection' is actually the desired look

If you love the 'vintage' look, then these lockets are definitely for you :)

Some info on 'functionality'
All lockets can be opened and you can insert a picture of yourself or your loved one at the inside interior (a sample picture is provided with each locket, so you can roughly gauge the size of the intended image)
In closing, I would like to emphasise that I only made 3 (three) pieces of these lovelies in this collection, and once sold they will not be replicated anymore, so please hurry to de shoppe ladies, times a wastin... :))

(Source for Images of Scarlett and Gone With the Wind: Google)

PS: You also can go directly to de shoppe by clicking the picture of Locket Nostalgia above

Until then,
Mrs Baubles n Fun, XOXO

Sunday, 7 March 2010

{New Collection} Cameo Cutie

Hi Lovelies,
Sorry for the lack of update
Anyhoo, I just made a sister collection for my Hello Kitty Cameos that are available at de shoppe
This time, the collection is just simply called Cameo Cuties 
The difference between this collection and the Hello Kitty Cameos is mostly in the size, Hello Kitty cameos are slightly larger than Cameo Cuties, and Cameo Cuties are slightly less loaded with swarovski crystals
But, most importantly, both are just extremely loaded with cuteness and sass
This Collection is available at San~San Boutique from March 8
Have a bountifully blessed weekend love

PS: The Vanity Magic Mirror Collection is also available at San ~ San's from 8th March onwards, thank you, xoxo

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Woo Hoo

Wow, so happy :)
Diana Rikasari from the famous blog Hot Chocolate & Mint featured the Hello Kitty Cameo Collection necklace at her blog
You can click the picture below that I took from Diana's blog to see her write up about it
As previously mentioned, I made each of the necklaces in this series an OOAK (One Of  A Kind), so you won't be able to get the same one as Diana's, but don't worry love, there are more of the same series at the shop

As the quantity is limited, please hurry to the shop to make your purchase

Thank you Diana, and I hope your friend will get better soon

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