Monday, 8 March 2010

{New Collection} Locket Nostalgia

Hi Sweets,
I've got a confession to make, I love Romance (there I said it)
Romance Stories and Movies are my all time weaknesses :)
My most favourite Romance novel and movie is without a doubt Gone With The Wind 
I have read the book countless of times and seen the movie (in DVD)  for the zillionth time too (of course, I'm exaggerating here :))
I love how the ladies, especially Scarlett (the main character) were dressed in the by-gone era, they really paid meticulous attention to their dressing and toilette

Look at how dreamy Scarlett looks in her Picnic Gown

But, in order to achieve that ethereal look, this is what Scarlett had to endure underneath her fripperies

She had to be laced, coddled, prodded and restricted by the miniscule whale bone (yes, ladies, you read it correctly, whale bone) corset in order to get a waist that is no bigger than a gentleman's hand span (so silly, right?)

Sure, I love the gowns, I love the look, but if I had to recreate the whole notion, I'd say NO to the torture please...

So, what's the alternative?
Relax my sweets, I've just got the answer for you right under my sleeve, err, should I say on top of my working table?
Either way, here's a fabulous and painless approach to re-live the 'Olde Southern Glamour' that Scarlett exudes ~ Ladies and Gals, may I present to you
Locket Nostalgia

Instant Southern Glamour around Your Neck :))

Note on Material(s)
Especially selected for this collection, the brass locket is done without any finishing (raw brass finish), which means that the locket has an aged look about it, so any 'imperfection' is actually the desired look

If you love the 'vintage' look, then these lockets are definitely for you :)

Some info on 'functionality'
All lockets can be opened and you can insert a picture of yourself or your loved one at the inside interior (a sample picture is provided with each locket, so you can roughly gauge the size of the intended image)
In closing, I would like to emphasise that I only made 3 (three) pieces of these lovelies in this collection, and once sold they will not be replicated anymore, so please hurry to de shoppe ladies, times a wastin... :))

(Source for Images of Scarlett and Gone With the Wind: Google)

PS: You also can go directly to de shoppe by clicking the picture of Locket Nostalgia above

Until then,
Mrs Baubles n Fun, XOXO

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