Tuesday, 9 March 2010

{New Stock} ~Whimsical Collection~

Hey guys, remember my post about my
Sneak Peek
Well, Sneak Peek no more, now my Whimsical Collection is ready

This Whimsical Collection is a hodge podge of (some battery operated) gadget necklaces

Take for example this Hello Kitty X Rody necklace, I got this in Japan, and it is a limited edition, I only have this 1 piece to spare, as the other one has been hoarded by my Princess :))

Here's the picture of the afore~mentioned
This cute little creation is hooked with a clasp that will make Kitty and Horsie detachable

and ~ if you turn the horse that Kitty rides on belly up, you can see a small lever where you can turn it ON

After it's turned on, the horse will vibrate and he will just move about and bring Kitty for a cruise :), so cute, right? or if we use the Japanese slang, it would be Kawaiiiiii, he he he

The other necklaces are just as whimsical, oohhh..., I just can't resist showing off :))

OK, so, now off to show off no 2 (and hopefully the final for this post ((fingers crossed)) :))
This cutie paw will sound MEOW if you press the small buttons, and when you press the big button, the MEOW sound will be sounded for like about 3 to 5 times

I really love this :), ~and as per usual I caved in (again) to my Princess's wishes (read: demands) and gave her one of the paws

Like me, my Princess also love playing pranks on people (I know, I know, it runs in the family :)), so, one day, she wore this necklace to her Maths Tuition; in the class room, she sneakily pressed the button, and you know what happened? ~ the class was in an uproar, her friends and teacher thought that there was a real cat in the class
It really sounds so real

Anyhoo...., being a generous soul that I am (cough ~ cough), I have decided to put two of these cutie paws for sale

OK, enough yabbering
So, in short (yeah right :D), the items that you see below,
they will be availabe at San~San for sale from the 10th March onwards

Please go check their web site, and if your intended purchase is not listed there, please drop me an email at baublesnfun@gmail.com and I'll get it sorted out for you :))

Thanks for bearing with me, truly appreciate it :)


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