Thursday, 11 March 2010

{Cutie} meomi

Remember when I told you that I was inspired by colours, well, right after making that post, I went to one of my favourite internet haunts and found these beautiful and oh so cute images

These images were birthed by artists Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy whose design studio is called meomi

From the article

Meomi is comprised of two artists, Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy. Together they have created art for an illustrious list of clientele, including Google, Electronic Arts and Nick Jr. Vicki and Michael also act as authors and artists behind the Octonauts series of children's books. Meomi's 2008 wallpaper story takes place in Kachi Kingdom, where you follow the adventures of Johnny Cloudseed, following in his grandfather's footsteps as a seeder and planting seeds that assist the Kachi spirits to grow their "Magical Moments" plants.

Upon visiting their site , I found that this design duo has recently created an animated version of their famous (above mentioned) book series, The Octonauts, and according to their face book info, I gathered that the TV series will launch in 2010 (didn't say the exact date though) and has been pre-bought by CBeebies (BBC), in the UK, TF1 in France and ABC Australia

I did check youtube but my search result was nill :(
Perhaps it hasn't been aired yet

I, for sure, would be tuning in if it were finally aired, and who cares if their target audiences were pre-schoolers :))

Who needs to grow up anyway? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

PS: I think I will hunt for the books first now

So..., off to Amazon :))

See you soon...


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