Thursday, 11 March 2010

{Featured Baubles of The Day} Hello Kitty Birthstone Series

Do you know what your Birthstone is?

From this link I found that "Birthstones" was originated thousand of years back in the time when Moses (of the Bible) lived

I quote from this article
Numerous cultures have traditionally associated gems with birth dates, and many people have, and still do, consider it good luck to display their birthstone
So, for good luck please wear your birthstone; and for added benefit of not just Luck but also Kitty's Sass & Charm, get yourself a Baubles n Fun's Hello Kitty Birthstone necklace only at
Keona Couture

Hurry, they are very limited :))

PS: Don't know what your Birthstone is, go here for the complete list :)

PPS: The necklace is also a great gift idea

Until then

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